The guiding principle of the CAPPA CEG program is to promote participation in APPA and CAPPA professional development activities.  Only one grant may be awarded per person during any single CAPPA fiscal year granting period (April 1 - March 30).  Typically, only two grants may be given to a single institution during a fiscal year.  CEG's may be used for registration and travel/lodging expenses (travel funds are $500 per award).  CEG's will be good for one year from the date of award and are to be used for a named event held during that twelve-month time period.  CEG's to national events will be limited to 10 applicants per fiscal year.  CEG applications will be considered at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the CAPPA Professional Development Committee (generally the fourth Tuesday of the month).  Questions regarding the CEG program or the application form can be addressed to [email protected].