CAPPA By-Laws Committee

Charge/Expectations/Responsibilities for Committee Members

January 2012


The charge is to regularly review, update, modify, and refine CAPPA’s by-laws on behalf of and through recommendation to the CAPPA Executive Committee with final approval by the CAPPA membership.


Committee Members

The President is the chair of this Committee and responsible for ensuring the Committee charge is executed. The Committee members include the Immediate Past President, the Secretary, and the Historian.


Members are expected to record any recommended By-Law modifications from the membership or the Executive Committee and, in turn, review and refine them. Once the final By-Law modification is approved by the Executive Committee, the By-Laws Committee prepares documentation to facilitate a vote by the membership at the annual business meeting.

Each individual should begin/continue their role with a passion for the work of their chosen committee and provide support for the chairperson and other committee members alike. As with other CAPPA committees, there is the expectation of full participation, to the extent possible, in all committee meetings (generally two times per year and periodic conference calls.) Implicit in this expectation is the understanding that members’ institutions will support their attendance at CAPPA’s Annual Conference and the CAPPA Technology Conference where the committee holds regularly scheduled meetings prior to an official opening of each conference (at the committee member institution’s partial expense). These meetings are usually held in Sep/Oct and Feb. If for some reason the committee member is unable to attend this meeting, a substitute may be selected in consultation with the Committee Chair to attend to ensure a balance of representation and continued flow of information to the committee and the regional board.

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